BrickLogix helps plan, design, deploy, test and manage your network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and manageable.

Broadband Data Networks BrickLogix communication network consulting services help network design, planning, operations, traffic engineering and quality of service for voice, video and data network-enabling technologies such as DSL, Ethernet, SONET, TDM, ATM, Frame-Relay and IP at the access, edge and core of the network.

Unified Communication Networks BrickLogix’s unified communication network consulting services help analyze, design, deploy and manage IP-based telephone system with best suited architecture, endpoints, features, security, performance, management and administration for your unified communication environment.

Broadband Wireless Networks BrickLogix broadband wireless network consulting services include RF capacity planning, link budget analysis and integration of point to multipoint microwave (35, 24, 9 GHz) broadband wireless networks and IP-based radio network using spread spectrum technologies. BrickLogix IP-based radio network and cellular network infrastructure services help design and manage mobile IP networks that allow IP based high-speed mobile Internet and multimedia applications.

BrickLogix leverages its value-added reseller relationships with major vendors in providing high-quality, best-suited technical services at competitive pricing.

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