BrickLogix in partnership with IBM offers organizations the service of security vulnerability assessment and protective solutions. Team of qualified security professionals analyze organization's operations, procedures, data, communications and software systems to determine what security measures may be necessary to protect against exposure to vulnerabilities and to conform to the many security regulations that must now be complied with to govern the handling, storage, and manipulation of web servers, email servers, e-commerce applications, laptops, private and public data.

BrickLogix's preemptive approach to your security can help you -

. Stop Internet threats before they damage your brand reputation and customer confidence
. Safeguard your privacy and prevent loss of confidential data
. Improve business uptime and employee productivity
. Address security & confidentiality initiatives for compliance audits - PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPPA
. Manage constant change and meet the demand to stay competitive

Our security services are backed by IBM's X-Force security intelligence research and development team that discovers, analyzes, monitors, records and alerts on a wide array of computer security threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Let us help you by providing a snapshot of your organization's data security vulnerabilities through following one-time or award-winning, periodic managed services :

Vulnerability testing, Penetration testing and remediation-
E-mail security, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Prevention -
Web applications and database vulnerability assessment and remediation-
Internal and external scans of organization's network devices -
Encryption to scure your sensitive business data once it’s on the move -
Regulatory compliance, audits, reports and remediation-
Payment Card Industry compliance testing and remediation -

BrickLogix through its partner IBM Internet Security Systems provides compliance services in the PCI best practice areas. When working with Merchant Level 1 businesses, we apply a time-tested process of first finding the security gaps, applying the necessary remediation, completing and submitting the report on compliance (ROC) once all the requirements are met. Throughout the process, as well as the post-submission, we continue to act as the advocate for the merchant and inform businesses of tangential data security findings.

Managed Security Services