Data Security Solutions

Secure information from its creation through destruction via a policy based process that applies specific security controls to the information based on an understanding of the class of data that exist in your enterprise. Controls are implemented and then monitored for the effectiveness and what is happening to the data and its supporting infrastructure on an ongoing basis. This security capability helps block both insiders and outsiders from use of valuable customer, employee and business partner data. It enhances your organizationís security management from a perimeter-centric security approach to a data-centric security approach.

Hardware-based encryption tool helps secure data on a server's hard drive. Once encrypted, data is well protected -- even if the hard drive is improperly disposed of or stolen. The solution is inexpensive way for small and medium businesses with limited IT resources to implement the same level of security commonly used by government agencies and avoid the potentially huge costs of a security breach. When installing the tool, clients can simply designate a security key -- essentially a password -- that becomes the only way data can ever be accessed.

Managed Security Services