Identity Management

Identity management solution provides secure, automated and policy-based solution to effectively manage user identities for customers, employees, partners and suppliers. It facilitates automated identity management in complex enterprise environments with thousands of users and a multitude of databases, applications and systems.

Web self-service interfaces: Enables users to perform password resets, password synchronization, and modification to personal information without administrative intervention.

Embedded workflow engine: Supports automated submission and approval of user requests.

Embedded provisioning engine: Automates the implementation of administrative requests on the environment, and provides universal connectors for extending the management model to support new and custom environments.

Automatic synchronization of user data: Enables synchronization of user data from different resources in the enterprise.

A role-based administration model: Enables the delegation of administrative privileges along organizational and geographical boundaries.

Policy simulation:
Provides powerful .what-if. scenarios that take the guesswork out of security policy changes.

Identity management can help you meet compliance requirements and build trust with vendors, suppliers and customers without compromising IT security. Integrated approach to identity management secures the entire enterprise, users, machines, applications, business processes and "physical" identities such as biometrics, smart cards and badge readers.

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