Anti-Virus Management

A multi-tiered and in-depth approach to help protect against malicious code. Virus definition updates occur on schedule or as required and virus event logs are monitored periodically for events requiring attention. URL filtering helps monitor and prevent users from visiting undesirable Web sites that could lead to malicious code activity. Alerts generated by the anti-virus software are monitored 24x7 and an agreed upon escalation process is followed when predetermined thresholds are exceeded. Managed anti-virus enterprise defense also includes emergency notification of new viruses, scheduled anti-virus software definition updates, and an annual onsite workshop.

Anti-Virus Management -

• Helps manage your anti-virus defense
• Helps manage anti-virus vendor (Symantec’s Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro etc.) product updates
• Helps manage URL filtering
• Helps manage anti-virus enterprise defense
• Helps monitor predetermined thresholds

Managed Security Services